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General CERN Information sources

Now choose an area in which you would like to start browsing. The system currently has access to three sources of information. With the indexes, you should use the keyword search option on your browser.
CERN Information
A general keyword index of information made available by the computer centre, including CERN, Cray and IBM help files, "Writeups", and the Computer Newsletter (CNL). (This is the same data on CERNVM which is also available on CERNVM with the VM FIND command ) .
Yellow Pages
A keyword index to the CERN telephone book by function.
Internet News
You can access the internet news scheme (See information for new users ). News articles are distributed typically CERN-wide or worldwide, and have a finite lifetime.
Newsgroups which may be of general interest at CERN include


If you have a NeXT machine, see also the following topics:
on this WorldWideWeb application
Installation at CERN
A few notes on installing NeXTs and applications at CERN.
The NeXT announcements newsgroup
The NeXT programmer's newsgroup
The NeXT miscellaneous newsgroup
The NeXT miscellaneous newsgroup

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